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Giving Like Michael Bloomberg: ‘Find One Small Thing’

The New York Times|

“I’m a practical person,” Mr. Bloomberg said in an interview at Bloomberg Philanthropies. “If we’ve got a problem, let’s do something. I want to find one small thing.” Last year, he gave $510 million to more than 1,000 organizations in six areas. Over his lifetime, he has given $4.3 billion.

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How Geniuses Handle Their Money Windfalls

The New York Times|

There are plenty of studies that show how ruinous lump sums of money can be for recipients. But if a group of geniuses get phone calls out of the blue one autumn morning, would they have more to show for the $625,000 windfall at the end of five years?

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How the Year 2000 Turned My Life Upside Down

The New York Times|

All those Y2K predictions had me scared about what would befall the world when 1999 became 2000. But it turned out that something more disruptive than my computer clock going haywire or a stock bubble bursting happened to me during those months.

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