Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Sound of Ideas

I was invited onto a fascinating NPR show this morning. It’s called the Sound of Ideas and produced by the Cleveland affiliate of NPR. We talked about estate taxes, but it was a far more interesting discussion than saying “about estate taxes” might suggest. Take a listen here at The Sound of Ideas site.

Wooden’s Code

John Wooden stopped coaching when I was two and not being a basketball fan I didn’t know much about him. But I was thrilled to read about Wooden’s coaching philosophy in his Times obituary.  He said it rested on “three main ideals”: One was to get his players “in the best possible condition.” Another was […]

Galarraga’s Focus

Most major league baseball pitchers will never even come close to throwing a perfect game. And the few who do will not be robbed of that achievement – only 20 ever – by an umpire’s botched call. Most of them choke under the pressure of what they are about to accomplish. But tonight , it […]