Monthly Archives: September 2010

Radio Days

I shed my American League allegiances on Saturday for a great chat with Marty Lurie, on the San Francisco Giants pre-game show. While we naturally talked about baseball – and why Aubrey Huff is having a great year under pressure – Marty also broadened the conversation to how people can learn to be clutch in […]

Personal Branding

Dan Schawbel interviewed me today about Clutch for his Personal Branding blog. The questions were great – read it here – but the photos that went with his interview were fantastic. I particularly like the ones of Jamie Dimon with his fists up and David Boies looking like the person he was talking to is […]

Fulding Under Pressure

I don’t like to kick someone when he’s down and out, but never have I seen a chief executive who repeatedly cannot accept responsibility for what his actions wrought. In the case of Lehman Brothers, Dick Fuld oversaw the firm for 14 years before it collapsed. But instead of admitting that he may have made […]