Can A Loss Be Clutch?

David Price looked completely prepared for the pressure of  tonight’s do-or-die game of the American League Division Series. The Tampa Bay Rays pitcher has a starring role in Clutch, but what I describe in my book was a different situation: relief pitching in a tight game when he was still a rookie. Tonight, Price, who started this year’s All Star Game, was throwing against another ace in  Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee, a much-more experienced ballplayer. The two went head-to-head early on, with Price looking stronger – more strikeouts, greater ease on the mound. But then Price’s teammates started to make bad plays. The worst was a botched throw from home plate to third on a stolen base: the ball flew into the outfield and the runner came home. So did anyone choke? The game was completely pressure packed but when it came to pitching the two men were equally clutch. They maintained their focus and discipline. It was the fielders and batters who failed the Rays, or save the Rangers.

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