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Can A Loss Be Clutch?

David Price looked completely prepared for the pressure of  tonight’s do-or-die game of the American League Division Series. The Tampa Bay Rays pitcher has a starring role in Clutch, but what I describe in my book was a different situation: relief pitching in a tight game when he was still a rookie. Tonight, Price, who […]

Textbook Clutch

Roy Halladay’s no-hitter tonight was a quintessential clutch performance – but not in the way many sports fans think about. Most fans use the term too broadly. In Clutch, I set the bar higher and define clutch more precisely: it’s the ability to do what you can do normally but under pressure. The player who […]

Radio Days

I shed my American League allegiances on Saturday for a great chat with Marty Lurie, on the San Francisco Giants pre-game show. While we naturally talked about baseball – and why Aubrey Huff is having a great year under pressure – Marty also broadened the conversation to how people can learn to be clutch in […]

Boies Beats A-Rod

When I set out to write Clutch, I would have never imagined that two of the book’s subjects would converge on a single day. But that was what happened today when the attorney David Boies helped win the case overturning California’s ban on same-sex marriage, and Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees third baseman, hit […]

Thinking A-Rod

Last season, Alex Rodriguez overcame his reputation for choking when it mattered most. Instead of failing in the post-season, he helped lead the New York Yankees to their first World Series championship in nine years. The reason was he stopped overthinking his every at-bat and began playing the way he did in the regular season. He […]

The Price Is Right

Of all the people I interviewed for Clutch, David Price was, ultimately, the easiest to reach. His coach at Vanderbilt University gave me his cellphone number and I called him. Price texted me back, and we spoke late one evening while he was at a childhood friend’s birthday party. It didn’t seem like I was […]

Galarraga’s Focus

Most major league baseball pitchers will never even come close to throwing a perfect game. And the few who do will not be robbed of that achievement – only 20 ever – by an umpire’s botched call. Most of them choke under the pressure of what they are about to accomplish. But tonight , it […]

The Meaning of Home Runs

Marcus Thames, a journeyman player for the Yankees, hit the home run to beat the Boston Red Sox on Monday night, but his heroics in the bottom of the 9th inning were made possible by Alex Rodriguez’s two-run homer earlier in the inning that tied the score. (That they both came off of Boston’s supremely […]