Table Of Contents

Introduction: What’s Clutch?

Part I: Why People Are Clutch
  1. Focus: The Morality Plays of David Boies
  2. Discipline: When the Stakes Are as High as They Can Be
  3. Adapting: Fighting the Fight, Not the Plan
  4. Being Present: Opening-Night Jitters and the Role of a Lifetime
  5. Fear and Desire: Living Life Without a Plan B
  6. Double Clutch: What Billie Jean King Did for Women
Part II: Why People Choke

7. A Leader’s Responsibility: How the Reputations of Ken Lewis and Jamie Dimon Fell and Rose in the Financial Crisis
8. The Perils of Overthinking: Rehearsing the Speech Before the Victory
9. Overconfidence Starts the Fall: What the Worst Factory in America Cost GM and Taught Toyota

Part III: How to Be Clutch

10. How to Be Clutch with Your Money: Knowing When to Quit
11. How to Be Clutch in Sports: Trust What Got You There

Conclusion: The Tiger Conundrum: Is He Still Clutch?